Childcare Resources

Care About Child Care

Provides classes for daycare providers and referrals to daycare. Care About Child Care Website UVU Care About Child Care Website PH: 801-863-8589

Mountainland Head Start

Provides education and resources for families with preschool-age children. Mountainland Head Start Website PH: 801-375-7981

Migrant Head Start Program

Provides a head start program for migrant families and classes for parents. Migrant Head Start Program Website PH: 801-754-0700

Parent Education Resource Centers (PERC)

Offers educational materials for parents and children. Parent Education Resource Centers Website PH: 801-229-7390

Welcome Baby

Provides informational home visits for first-time parents. Welcome Baby Website PH: 801-691-5304

Help Me Grow

Provides an information line for support in general child development. Help Me Grow Website PH: 2-1-1 or call 801-691-5626